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"From what we get, we can make a living, what we give, however, makes a life." -Arthur Ashe

About us



To bring artists together in an effort to give back to our underserved local community. By working to enrich the lives of others, we can also enhance our art.



-We "bring artists together" by building relationships with other artists in an environment NOT focused on the usual business aspects of the entertainment industry. We are interested in getting to know the selfless and caring sides of one another.

"Something intended or desired to be attained by one's efforts; purpose. To strive, to try."

-We "give back" by spending focused time with those who need or want personal attention- man, woman, child or animal. We share our artistic talents and mentor those who are interested in the arts. We provide manual labor, raise funds and brainstorm new ideas to make a lasting impact on those in need. 


-We serve the  "underserved local community." There are many charities in our own neighborhoods that do not get the attention of the masses by ways of celebrities and politicians. Sometimes the threat of closing their doors is a real one. Our efforts are focused on helping those who need it here and now.  

-We aim to "enrich" by giving personal attention and care. Sometimes a genuine smile and an ear to listen is all that it takes to inspire, support and help turn a life around. 


-Our "art" is what we have to give. This is our humanity, our creation, our expression. We strongly believe the world is changed by artists and humanity. 



Either by suggestion of our members or by local charities reaching out to us, we work with each charity to provide them with what they need. This can be in the form of volunteer work (serving food, planting trees, rebuilding playgrounds, after school programs and tutoring, etc.), fundraising, donations of goods and services, art workshops, or performance opportunities. We are in turn serving our artists through these simple, yet important acts of humanitarianism. There are endless ways to be involved in our community and we are driven and excited to explore them all!


AIM began in 2010 with the desire to not only do more charitable outreach, but to unite artists in a way that was not limited to the entertainment industry. We wanted to connect on a deeper, more meaningful and everlasting level. Our founders; Megan Le and Jeaneen Tang were inspired to get involved with many different causes, knowing that there are so many ways to reach the community. AIM has since developed into a small community of artists and even citizens not involved in art as a career choice, who want to feel that they can make a real difference with small acts of kindness. 

Megan Le (Co-Founder)


Megan is an actor, dancer, writer, producer and stunt professional. She has had a hand in community outreach since high school in Indianapolis, Indiana through the Kiwanis Club. She now uses AIM as a vehicle to reach more artists interested in volunteering as well as those people in the community who need a little help. She strongly believes that empathy and compassion are necessary in improving the human condition. Acting and AIM allows her to practice that daily. 

Jeaneen Tang (Co-Founder)


You can take the girl from the island, but you can't take the island out of the girl. Jeaneen hopes by sharing the Aloha spirit by helping those in need, her vision of what our community could be, can be. She is blessed to have found like minded individuals like co-founder, Megan Le, to team up with to make a difference, one cause at a time. When she's not doing charity work, Jeaneen is either working as a speech-language pathologist, acting, or being a mom to an amazing boy named Che.

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